Thursday, June 27, 2013


One thing about WIFYR is it hasn't stopped even though it has ended. Just today I was in the garden and thought about Martine Leavitt's presentation.

The weeds had taken over garden boxes that hadn't been tended to in years. Those suckers are everywhere and thrive no matter how much they're ignored. Can't bring myself to dump chemicals on them, so wielding rake and shovel - gloves a must - I'm out there on a 100 degree day working on them. The weeds are winning. A cutesy decorative fence divides the garden from a flower area, that also has been neglected for a while. I am not weeding the whole back yard, but I want to get those things away from my tomatoes. I'm going up to the fence. And then it hit me.

Martine suggested the use of metaphors for your characters. A fence is one of those things that can prevent an obstacle for your main character. MC can advance toward the fence but is slowed and must figure a way around, or over or under if he wants to pass. The barrier can set boundaries. The weeds from the flower garden fell between the fence slats. Their roots I severed at the fence, but pulled the tops dare they drop seeds into my veggies. Does a fence limit MC, make him feel safe at it's border, or urge him to cross beyond? Martine says to use tropes and other rhetorical figures of speech, literally and figuratively.

Like I said, WIFYR thoughts continue to float into my head.

Got a metaphor for your MC?


  1. I don't have one yet, Bruce, but I'm working on it!

    1. And I'm still trying to define my antagonist.

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