Monday, July 29, 2013

Marathon goals

Carol is at it again. Our resident children's writer's friend, Carol Lynch Williams has set up another marathon. She did one in the spring. The idea is you set down some writing goals, work towards them for 2 weeks, then go to dinner and discuss. It's awesome.You get to do dinner even if you don't meet your goal. I know.

Last time I tried. I think I had a time goal of 60 writing minutes a day. Don't know why I do that. It is a good goal, but impossible to maintain. Too many people or things demand your time which I had less of back then. Summer vacation provides more minutes in a day. It doesn't guarantee the goal will be met, but the odds are better. I'm involved with more writing projects this time around, though.

There's a bunch of things that need to be done. Book #3 was what I took to WIFYR. I made a goal back then to write 2 hours a day on it. Ninety minutes is more attainable, except for some days. Book #2 is now ready to start sending out to agents. That is an ongoing thing, so I need to find some time for that each day. Then there are other writing things: SCBWI's Great Critique is coming up. I've got at least 2 full manuscripts that must be critiqued by Aug. 24. I like to follow various writing blogs including Carol's, Ann Cannon's, From the Mixed Up Files, Utah Children's Writers to name a few.

So, the marathon goals I hope to accomplish August 1 through 15:
-90 minutes a day on book #3 - everyday, for sure
-30 minutes a day pushing book #2
-60 minutes a day on various other writing tasks (that can include fiction reading)
-bottom line: that is 3 hours each day engaged in some writing related task.
-I should be able to manage it since it's only 2 weeks. If life gets in the way and something has to give, it can be the other goals, but not the first.

Wish me luck.

For info on Carol's marathon, click here.

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