Wednesday, January 1, 2014


One of my favorite authors, Ann Cannon, just completed a year in which she attempted to blog every day. She did so almost every day. It's good writing made up mostly of thoughts flitting around her head. You can read her here.

She says it was fun and was surprised to find it not burdensome. Blogging to a writer is like a sketchbook to an artist. She could record fleeting thoughts before they could drift away. Regular practice at something helps improve your skill and writing is no exception.

Thanks, Ann. I'm inspired. For the new year I, too, will attempt some regular blogging.

Ann's topics are random. As this blog is dedicated to writing, I'll aim to address it. But no guarantees. Likewise, I know there will be days when life - family, schedules, no wi-fi, etc. - will get in the way.

We'll see what happens. Happy New Year

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