Thursday, January 2, 2014

Getting to know them

Day 2 and I'm ready to call off the New Year's resolution to blog daily.

There's two hours left of this day and I'm tired and I've finally found some time to write. Would prefer to work on one of the projects.

If I were working on them, I would continue a character familiarization I started the other day. KM Weiland says writers come to know their MCs and suggests various activities to accomplish that. From her I got another link to a writer, Laurie Campbell, who has a few more. In the middle of a rewrite I'm doing, the realization hit me that I don't truly know my people, even though I am on the second revision of the manuscript. 

If it weren't for a self-imposed daily commitment, I would be interviewing my characters and giving them enneagrams and what not. 

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